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ELLIE Severe hip arthritis

Severe Hip Arthritis Veterinary Referrals Surrey

Ellie is a 6 year old German Shepherd Dog that developed hindlimb lameness when she was about four years old. Treatment with painkillers was effective to begin with but lameness returned and she became reluctant to exercise and had problems getting into the car and climbing stairs.

Xrays of the hindquarters showed that he had severe arthritis of both hips. Ellie was then referred to the Practice.

The gold standard treatment for severe hip arthritis is total hip replacement that was performed in the Practice. Three months after surgery she was back to good levels of free exercise and had no need for painkillers. Ellie is now a much happier dog and has a delighted owner that can take her out for normal walks.

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Xray showing severe bilateral hip arthritis.

Xray following total hip replacement.