Anderson Abercromby Orthopaedic and Spinal Veterinary Referrals Surrey


MRI Scanning

MRI scanning has revolutionised our investigation of neurological disorders. We have regular visits from a mobile MRI scanner and the dates of these visits can be obtained from our receptionist.

CT Scanning

CT scanning is regularly employed in the investigation of forelimb lameness (particularly elbow problems), angular limb deformities and in spinal disease.

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MRI and CT Scanning Veterinary Referrals Surrey

MRI scan of dog with lumbosacral disc protrusion.

veterinary referrals surrey

CT scan of dog with incomplete ossification of its humeral condyle (elbow joint).

veterinary referrals surrey

MRI scan of dog with a spinal cord tumour successfully managed by surgery.

veterinary referrals surrey

CT myelogram showing an intervertebral disc extrusion in the cervical spine.