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Fracture repair

We have extensive experience in managing all fracture types, and stock implants including locking and non-locking bone plates and screws.


Cruciate ligament injury surgery and management

We offer tibial plateau levelling osteotomy using an advanced locking plate system to stabilise the area and reduce the risk of complications, and extracapsular sutures.


Total joint repair and replacement

We can perform total hip replacement on dogs and cats of all sizes, and employ BioMedtrix cemented, cementless and hybrid techniques.


Arthroscopic investigation and treatment of joint disease

We stock a range of arthroscopes from 1.9 to 2.7mm and offer arthroscopic surgeries, including canine unicompartmental elbow arthroplasty.


Growth deformity management

We stock an extensive range of linear and ring external skeletal fixator systems that enable the management of simple and complex deformities.


CT scans

We regularly employ CT scanning on-site in the investigation of forelimb lameness – particularly elbow problems – and angular limb deformities.