Orthopaedic referral services for vets across West Sussex

Our orthopaedic referral practice has been providing the highest standards of service to local veterinary practices since 2005. 

Our founders Angus Anderson and Ralph Abercromby spent decades working at academic institutions and private referral practices before setting up our practice.   

We were devastated when Angus sadly passed away in 2023, but we continue to aim for the highest levels of specialist care, with the added inspiration of doing justice to his legacy.


Our dedicated and experienced team, made up of RCVS advanced practitioners and specialists and ECVS diplomates in small animal surgery, endeavour to deliver a personal, high-quality service through working with vets to understand their cases and administer the best treatments for their patients.    

You can trust that a highly experienced clinician will always be on hand to see your cases or offer advice when needed.


Our Services

Since 2020 we’ve been operating from our large, newly refurbished building at Dawes Farm in Warnham, Horsham, which has three fully equipped operating theatres, an onsite CT scanner and beautiful rural surroundings. 

We have excellent hospitalisation and surgical facilities, allowing us to conduct an extensive range of investigative and surgical orthopaedic procedures, including total hip replacements, tibial plateau levelling osteotomy, canine unicompartmental elbow arthroplasty, arthroscopy and more.  

We are on the list of preferred referral practices produced by some pet insurance companies – a status which only a select number of referral practices hold, demonstrating our consistent efforts to provide vets and their clients with excellent service and value for money.


Fracture repair

We have extensive experience in managing all fracture types, and stock implants including locking and non-locking bone plates and screws.


CT scans

We regularly employ CT scanning on-site in the investigation of forelimb lameness – particularly elbow problems – and angular limb deformities.


Radiographic reports

To request a radiographic report, please fill in our radiographic report request form and attach the images you would like us to review.


As part of the VetPartners family of practices, we pride ourselves on being approachable, respectful, collaborative, supportive and dedicated. 

Working with local practices from across our community is always a pleasure, which is why we send newsletters to referring practices to let them know how we can support them. 

We also welcome visits from referring and non-referring veterinary surgeons who want to find out more about our services, see our facilities and meet our team.

To refer a patient, please complete our patient referral form and attach their clinical history, images, referral letter and any other supporting documents.