Price List / Insurance

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. To get a estimate, please speak to our reception team.

Consultation fees

Initial consultation – £280

Follow up consultation - £140


CT – from £1,500

CT and HIF Surgery – from £4,600

Orthopaedic surgeries


​Fracture repair - from £3,800

​Complex fractures (e.g. comminated) - from £5,400

​Joint surgery

​Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (cruciate failure) - Fixed Prices 

Weight                            0 – 34 kg                 35kg +

TPLO (Unilateral)           £4,300                     £4,700

TPLO (Bilateral)             £6,400                     £6,800

Total hip replacement – Fixed Prices

Weight                            0 – 34 kg                  35kg +

TPLO (Unilateral)           £6,800                      £7,200

Closing wedge osteotomy (cruciate failure) - from £4,100

​Lateral suture (cruciate failure) - from £3,600

​Patella luxation correction - from £3,500


Initial consultation – between £70.00 - £100.00

Follow up consultation – from £48.00.

Insurance Claims

You will be given a rough estimate of costs at the time of your consultation.

If your pet is not insured, then payment is expected on collection of your pet.

If your pet is insured, then we are happy to do either a ‘’direct’ or ‘indirect’ claim on your behalf.

Each insurance company is different, you may want to contact them to see how they would like to proceed.


An indirect claim is where you pay us up front and we claim back the money on your behalf through your insurance company.

Bring a completed insurance form to your appointment and hand to the reception team.

This form will be completed by us after any treatment is carried out and sent to your insurance company.

Some insurance companies now do online claims, so we would need an email link sent to us from them.

You may want to check with your insurance company on how they go about making claims.


A direct claim is where we have a pre agreement in place (Pre authorisation) to deal directly with your insurance company, so payment for treatment will be paid to us directly from your insurance company.

You will need to pay any excesses or over treatment costs that are incurred.


If you wish for us to do a direct claim, we will need to do a pre authorisation. This is where we send your pets full clinical history and an estimate to see whether they are willing to accept liability or not for the condition.

This needs to be organised and agreed before you come to your appointment. It can sometimes take up to 10 working days to be assessed and approved by your insurers, so please don’t leave until the last minute.

Check with your insurers if they do a pre authorisation form. If they do, then get it sent to you. Fill in your part and then send the whole form to us to complete and we will forward to your insurers.

If they do not do a form, it may be a case of asking them to send us an email link, giving them permission to allow us to discuss your policy over the phone or emailing us your policy documents for us to check.