Veterinary Physiotherapy Service

Veterinary Physiotherapy is a science and evidence-based industry which specialises in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of muscle, ligament, and tendon, joint, orthopaedic, and neurological conditions.  

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore movement, function, and reduce pain following illness, injury or surgery, improve performance and maintain wellbeing. We aim to help with the overall welfare of all clients and to ensure they have the best quality of life and receive gold standard care in rehabilitation and pre-habilitation to reduce the risk of injury or further damage, also helping to speed up the recovery process post operatively. Encompassing all aspects of rehabilitation to ensure your animals welfare is top priority and to help achieve the clients’ goals for their animal.

Referrals for both pre and post operative cases, conservative management cases and general maintenance cases are welcome. Initial consultation includes a full run down of clinical history, static, dynamic assessment, range of motion and palpation to identify areas of tension, pain, restriction and muscular asymmetries followed by a treatment programme according to the findings on assessment. Electrotherapies such as LASER, PEMFT and thermo/cryotherapy are used alongside manual therapy and remedial exercises, a full report and home exercise programme is generated alongside regular updates to all involved within the client's case.   Regular follow up appointments are recommended to check on progress and to identify any changes. This can be at the practice or online/telephone consultation.

Katie Russell holds a level 7 integrated master's degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy from Writtle University and is also a member of RAMP and NAVP.  

Please complete the normal referral request form from our website.  Add ‘physio’ as the reason to refer and email to